Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reclaiming Our Faith in God

Good morning on this post election day,

Bitter sweet memories must move us to the sweetest ever knowledge that we hold to our faith in God, which is far superior to anything that may come or go. As it is written, "We walk by faith and not by sight." We do not fear the things that man does or does not do (even this). Again, as it is written, "What shall separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus?" The answer is still no one and no thing!

Somebody will read this and still not understand whose heart is very heavy right now, because of the incoming (new) majority party. However, it is not what "they" do or don't do, it is our response to it. If we keep faith, God Himself will be our peace in the midst of the continuing storms now and in the days to come. If you recall, the Dems never did really act as the minority party, when they were. So, we will watch to see if there will be a more "agreeable" tone coming from them now. But no matter. We will survive.

When you are inclined to fear and have regrets, just remember this, the people now have what they asked for and it is they who will come to regret it.

Can you recall how King Saul was the people's choice who God later repented that He ever made Him to be King over His people? As Christians (who do not feign to be), this is the faith testing time. It is now time, more than ever before, to reexamine your belief system. Now is the time to really learn how to trust God. Now is the time to begin to know what it means to wage warfare in the spirit (apart from the natural). With God, there is either "Yes" or "No." "Maybe" does not appear anywhere in God's vocabulary.

It is time to "let the church be the church and God be God of the church." (-hymn)
It is time for Christians to come together in unity and stop trying to reinvent biblical truths and methodologies.
It is time to stop being wishy washy and mealy mouth (i.e., "Diversity" is killing societal ethics, morals, and patriotism). But, our faith will never fade and die.
It is time for the Prophet of God to unashamedly stand and declare our God lives.

Our God is alive and He speaks! Too many Christians have not believed that. Too many Christians have rejected God's voice to this nation, because they have not learned to discern the heavenly from the demonic spirits.

It is past time to stop scoffing, taunting, and mocking those who invoke the name of Jesus. If we who know Him do not own Him, then He will turn His back on us, as He has said.

Stop. Look. Listen. See. Hear. It is not too late to fully turn, repent, believe, and obey God.

Yes, it is just that personal. The change begins with us. Regardless of how close we walk with God, we must turn, because we will surely need more of His strength for the days to come.

Rx --
If you cannot receive or believe this message now, just store it away and, in the time to come, you will be quickened to retrieve it and review it. Lest we forget, it must be God's way or no way. And, how can you know which is which? In Him, there is peace. He is our Peace.

Let us begin! There is much to do to restore that name that is above every name in the whole world. We need Jesus to be Savior and Lord, without apology, because:

Infanticide demands it (i.e., abortions, etc.).Terrorism demands it (i.e., wars, hatred, etc.). Perverse Behavior demands it (i.e., homosexuality, beastiality, immorality, etc.), Judicial inequities demand it (i.e., legislating from the bench, corruption, graft, etc.). (il)Legal manueverings demand it (i.e., removing the 10 commandments and the Bible from the public arena, etc). Christianity demands it (i.e., turning God's house into a den of thieves and wolves in sheep's clothing, etc.) Lawlessness demands it (i.e., political prisoners, religious persecutions, etc.)

Actually, I am writing this, because I needed an uplifting word in view of what has just taken place across this nation. But, who will learn the lesson and settle down to turn? Despite all of their money and human resources and faith in God, the many Christian organizations all together could not stop the landslide no matter how hard they tried. Why not? Everybody is content to do their own thing in the land.

When will we unite under one umbrella? Whose umbrella would that be? Faith is the key. It is not enough to quote God's Word. It has to be lived. Maybe this will suffice to impart a faith word into a heart that really knows God has not forgotten or forsaken His own beloved in the land.

Take heart!! Take one day at the time and have peace. Everybody will not understand. That is o.k. It is not intended for everybody. Those who listen will hear and understand. Praising God is my fulltime preoccupation.