Tuesday, October 17, 2006

GOPs and Political Correctness?

On October 13, 2006, I saw what, to me, was a disturbing news report that may be more problemmatical for the GOPs this election season than recent news about Foley, Bob Ney, and other Republicans.

Secretary of State, Dr. C. Rice, officiated at a swearing in ceremony of the new AIDS head. While she administered the oath of office to him, he had one hand up and one on the Bible. Standing beside him was his boyfriend who held the Bible. First Lady Laura Bush stood next to him. But the alarming part came when Dr. Rice was giving her remarks at the podium.

Dr. Rice was acknowledging those who were in attendance and she (Dr. Rice) referred to the new AIDS head's boyfriend's MOTHER (Marilyn) as the new AIDS head's "Mother-in-law."

Has the whole world gone crazy??????? We have mothers killing their children and feigning lunacy and we have medical personnel stepping up to affirm the veracity of the matter (?). All this is what happens when we allow any and everything to pass for our being a "diverse" society. And, instead of considering putting God back into schoolhouses, our leadership has chosen to put guns in classrooms and teach our educators and students how to use weapons IN classrooms across this nation. It is not that people are not standing up and speaking out against these ungodly occurrences around this nation and the world, it is that those who do stand, have been blocked out of the national and local arena by the news media which does not take notice to report it.

I suspect that swearing in event with Dr. Rice's unbelievable comment may translate into being the straw that broke the camel's back for a whole lot of Republicans who saw that tv news report (on a nationwide telecast). However, I pray not and I recommend earnest prayers. In fact, how could President Bush even condone that behavior while asking the nation to pray for him?

Has he gone so far from the truth trying to appease those who need to know the One who is Truth?

Something to mull over. And, if I have missed the point, feel free to try to let me know.