Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can Elton John OutGod God?

Elton John has reportedly stated that he would "Ban all religions." But Elton and all of his perverted ilk who took a foothold and made it into an even larger sphere locally, nationally, internationally, and out of this world are Hell bound if they refuse to repent and turn to God!

Let me be very clear, and let no man, woman, boy, or girl, make excuses or apology for me. If you disagree, then talk to God about it. He fights my battles.

All those who reject the Holy Ghost have blasphemed against Him. Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is the unforgiveable sin without repentance. God turns them to a reprobate mind such that they could not turn even if they wanted to do so, after God's voice has spoken it forth against them.

Those who have been warned and warned to turn already know it. Nevertheless, they have steadfastly refused to repent and turn to the true and living God before God turns them to reprobate without further warning.

The Church of Jesus Christ factions roll on with glee, joy, and jubilation trying to out do one another in their quest to please God and, yet, they are rolling straight to hell along with all of the ungodly diversity they have compromised and capitulated with in order that they may be seen as being Godly and of God in a godless world and time. They make excuses for and try to pray the devil out of his own children!

But, as quiet as it may be kept, children of God ~~

Everybody is not going to heaven!
Everything is not seen by God as being pleasing in God's sight!
Everything and everybody is NOT to be prayed for, even professed Christians.
Everything that passes for truth is not God's Truth, they are just facts.

The facts are these and, alongside of these are God's truths that, by now, the majority of the people already know and have chosen to ignore, reject, and outright repudiate, because of their sinful rebellion and blasphemy of God.

Elton John has received accolades from Kings, Queens, and people in high places. Elton and all his perverted ilk (of all kinds) have been deceived into believing they are on the right path of the living God and have gained wide acceptance among even the children of the living God, who follow after perversion, doubt, and deception. We are human. We make mistakes and nobody is exempt from doing so. But, God in His infinite mercy, love, grace, truth, and salvation, is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us of all sin, when we repent and turn to Him.

Christians and anyone else grafted into the Household of Faith who believe they can pray those people's hearts straight are in denial. What they are doing is hurdling headlong into HELL with them. They have refused to believe that the furnace is ready and that HELL has written their name on the furnace door.

And, why should they believe that, when even believers act as if Satan and Hell are a myth and simply a figment of some man's imagination? Many believers are their greatest cheer leaders who have invited them to partake of God's Table of Fat Things (blessings) and have conformed their worship into a more palatable form for the perverse and wicked minds to digest. And they do eat it up in that form, which God hates! Yes, believers need to understand that God is love but He is also hate, when He chooses. He is God and He can do whatever He wants to do. Even that. Why? Because He has already laid down His guidelines for His children and even God gets tired of calling out to them day and night and they refuse His call.

Facts alongside God's Truth:
Satan has his own church/synagogue and his own children.
Satan is the father of lies and his children follow after him as hard as God's children follow after God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

God knows His own and He has given them (us) to His Son and empowered us by His Holy Ghost to overcome sin, death, hell, and the grave, in Him - through Him - with Him.

God's sheep know His voice and another they will not follow, even unto death.
Everybody that says, "Lord, Lord" will not be recognized by the Lord as His own.
Man who refuses to recognize Jesus as Lord will not be recognized by Him before God.

Satan has his own vocabulary; and every chance he gets, he twists God's Word to deceive. Satan is counterfeit. He entices God's people who are weak enough to be deceived, after he transforms himself (Satan) into an "Angel of Light." He is not the true Light of the world. He is the Prince of Darkness and evil (rebellion against God) is his entire reason for living.

Again, I say, this is 2006, and the Church's presence in the world is not heightened, as one would suppose. Instead, it has become lowered in esteem in the world's eyes and everybody wants to do their own thing in God's eyes rather than do what God has decreed for them.

PREACHERS have conformed to the world's message which permeates the fiber of God's house when the world tells it to, "Shut up and let me tell it, because I can tell it better than you! I can out sing, out shout, out dance, out preach, out bless, out heal, out everything and, as a matter of fact, I can even put God out of His own house!"

Elton John has talked about the lack of "compassion" among churchgoers? But, were it not for the Lord's compassion, God would have struck Elton dead at the instant he even thought to say those words, much less to give Elton time to get them out of his mouth. We know how it will end, anyway! And it shall be as God has decreed for their end!