Thursday, September 06, 2007

FBCG -Howard County, MD, Church

I started this message several times since Tuesday and deleted it each time.

Too much to tell and too excited to hold it in. The glory is God's and He is in total charge. And, regardless of which way either the county or the church turns, God has already placed them in "Checkmate." Legally, they cannot win.

Briefly. My ongoing administrative appeal against First Baptist Church of Guilford in their church construction application is still viable after three years in litigation. God Himself is proving His Word. As of this past Tuesday very early in the morning, it became clearly evident that the church will have to undo all it has done to construct a new building on their property.

They have demolished one former church building, dug a very large hole in the middle of their parking lot (A VERY, VERY LARGE HOLE), placed cement pipes in the ground; had extensive electrical and plumbing work done, and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars but -- all in vain, because -- in the end -- they will have to leave it all undone. And it is as a matter of law that it will be proved to be true.

Early Tuesday morning, I researched a case which will seal the victory in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, where God has enabled me to proceed "Pro se." I won't go into the detailed aspect of the law(s) which is(are) applicable. Suffice it to say that it was enough to get me excited. And this continues to be done all to the glory of God.

In our county, officials and citizens have been represented by law firms at great expense for some issues around the same county actions involving zoning issues. I reached out to their spokesperson and the response was less than gracious. My help was refused.

The Court has dismissed their case and they are in a dilemma about whether or not they will proceed or if they do, how they will do it. But, I don't believe they had to lose on the particular issue on which they lost their day in court. So be it.
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Praying as I go!