Friday, April 22, 2005

Time for Dialogue With John Kerry

Why are there no email links on the Kerry site to correspond directly with John Kerry?

The man is a coward who hides behind pundits in order to spew his lack of regard for the rule of law and democratic values and morals. Neither Kerry nor the demo(n)crats understand that it is about more than talking about faith. They are not received by people of faith as being truthful, because their spirit exudes evil intent and demonic tendencies. Just to hear Kerry continue to lead the foulness of his party only lets us know he does not have the best interest of our nation at heart. The demo(n)s need to get with the constitution and get behind the leadership that the majority of this nation elected to lead us. The biggest dems' attack dog, James Carvel, does a lot of harm to your cause. Yours is the party that delights to spin and disregard truth. You attribute to the Republicans those heinous acts that you, yourselves, have committed.

Please tell Kerry that he and the demo(n)s could win Godly support if only they would stop trying to tear down our real Godly leadership. We know the difference between a truth and a lie. The dems can dish it out but they cannot take it. It is they who are the culprits and we are not deceived by them. I tried listening to Kerry's videos messages, but half-way through one, I got sick and had to cut it off.

Kerry needs to step back and get his job done in the Senate because he is not the President. Kerry lost. And he will continue to be a loser as long as he leads the dissent against people of faith who love the Lord and who are not afraid or ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ who is our Savior and Lord.

There is room for dialogue. But we cannot hear what he is saying for what he is doing.