Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Republicans Blinked Once More

When will the Republicans ever learn?
If anybody has watched the demo(n)crats in action, especially since Clinton, they know that every time they screech and have tantrums, the Republicans capitulate. Don't they know that when they (Republicans) give up their majority power, they will lose it? They have lost it.

When the dems were the majority party, they made all kinds of changes and told the Republicans to like it or else (because they couldn't lump it). And the dems had their way. Think back to the Clinton impeachment hearings. The dems came together with one (warped) mind around Clinton and held fast choosing to blame the Republicans for Clinton's "alleged" failings. Even now, it would be hardpressed to find any of them (dems) even Clinton to acknowledge that Clinton was, in fact, impreached and lost his lawyers license as a result of his actions.

The dems are never pacified. They refuse to be satisfied. When the Republicans capitulate to each of their demands, they come up with another. They plainly refuse to accept the Bush Administration -- choosing to believe they (and Clinton, Gore and Kerry) are the present elected majority leaders of this nation. Who can stand to hear the dems continue to accuse the Republicans for what they, themselves, are guilty of doing? I talk to my tv and write and phone Congress and the Senate, but what does it get me? Or you?

I do not believe Frist will be the next Presidential candidate as he supposes.
He is too weak. Even if he could be counted on to do the right thing for right's sake, he might have stood a chance to be placed in that coveted position. But, we need strong leaders to get this nation back on track --- not wishy washy men and women who know what they were voted in office to do but who refuse to do it. And until and unless they do stand up and work for God's truth and justice, we who push them by our prayers are just wasting our breath. And God will never turn aside to hear double-minded men and women. But still we try! May God have mercy on us and shut the dems' collective mouth.

God Bless Rep. Patrick McHenry, Republican, North Carolina

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 -- C-SPAN U.S. House, 9:00 p.m. EST

He made it plain that the democrats want to "tear down the House." And he spoke out against Nancy Pelosi and S. Tubbs-Jones who amended their travel reports and one who never even filed any. Of course, before he could even get through his speech, the dems interrupted and raised objections and said Rep. McHenry was making false allegations against members of the House. But how about when the dems stand uninterrupted on the House floor and call the Republicans everything but colleagues who are the majority party? The dems do it all the time. And the Republicans let them.