Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sen. John Kerry in Rome on Crutches

Why didn't I hear anything about this in the newspapers? Or was it reported there and I was paying too much attention to the internet and cable tv news the past several weeks? I was just watching "Capital Gang" on CNN-tv (4:36 a.m. EST). At that time, the panel was discussing the funeral of Pope John Paul II and the politicos and dignitaries who were in attendance. A bit of film footage was shown during the discussion. I couldn't believe my eyes. First I realized I was seeing Sen. John Kerry in Rome. Then at the last bit of film footage, I realized the Senator was on crutches.

I "Googled" and found out Sen. Kerry had an outpatient procedure on his knee and will probably be on crutches the next three weeks. Strange how the "Capital Gang" panel did not mention that Sen. Kerry was in that news clip, that he was in Rome, or that he was on crutches.

I wonder why Sen. John Kerry has to travel to Rome and other countries before we in the United States can see him let alone hear him (although he's been very quiet since the last election)? But it seems to me that, if he can travel to Rome with a sore knee that requires the use of crutches, then we ought to be able to see him every once in a while strolling the halls of Congress. Ya think??