Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Save Rep. Tom Delay's House Leadership

Since this is a land concerned about the Bush-Cheney Administration, I think it may be safe to explore the following here. Am I the only one who is displeased about the Demo(n)crat's latest attempts to unseat Rep. Tom Delay? And does anybody think the Republicans should capitulate (again)? Why must we constantly watch Republicans (by the way, the MAJORITY) cow tow to the minority? Of course the dems want to have Rep. Delay out of the way. He is not afraid to stand up and speak out about issues that need moving through the House and to get them moving towards becoming laws, if needed.

During the Clinton years at a time the dems were the majority, they did not give one inch. The Republicans had to take action. Then as well as now, after Republicans gained more House seats, it is almost as if dems were not at the meeting! It is as if they have not read a newspaper or picked up a book or turned on a tv. It is as if they have never shown up at work in D.C. They LOST (pardon the caps). The Republicans Won (don't have to shout here, it's already done). Thank God.

On another matter --- Israel and Expansion and President Bush's Ultimatum

I am Republican, but like quite a few others, I am still not able to comprehend what the President is doing. He is letting Mexico's Fox outfox him into setting up a "guest worker" program and amnesty to allow illegal aliens into the country (to work and go back home to Mexico or grab more land here *for* Mexico??). He's not vocal about providing protection on our borders and he offers no encouragement for the American citizens who have banded together to protect "the homeland." He has offered no clear statement or action about a constitutional amendment to protect marriage and the unborn. He has given no clear statement about the "not-so-gay" lifestyle. And, I still can't help being reminded that he had no power to save an otherwise healthy, disabled young woman from being starved and dehydrated to death just a couple of weeks ago in America. So, I am finding it harder to listen to him each time he issues ultimatums to other world leaders and organizations. His credibility is flawed now and he doesn't seem to care. Speaking of which -- I thought it was the height of sexism to have our Secretary of State walking around the Vatican with a scarf on her head for no other reason than because Dr. Rice is female. She represents America, "The Land of the Free and The Home of The Brave." Women's lib has nothing to do with this. It makes me wonder if Dr. Rice is being allowed to make policy decisions on her own or whether she has talking points from the President's desk. She's got some heavy duty lifting to get done around the world and she also has to be credible and an example to male chauvenist that women are up to the task.

What are other Bush-Cheney supporters saying about this turn of events, if anything? If we are not able to count on the Godly leadership in our nation and the world from President Bush, then we may as well be under the Demo(n)crats. Heaven forbid.

1:20 p.m. EST -- Fox News Alert
A young oriental man is standing near the Capitol with two carry on bags and he is threatening to blow himself up on Capitol Hill. The West Wing is being evacuated at this time. The entire area has been sealed off. The police are dressed in protective gear.

More news -- Stay tuned for the outcome. God have mercy and grant a peaceful end.

1:42 p.m. EST -- Homeland Security At Work!

Seen in realtime, film footage and the report by Bryan Wilson - Fox News Cable TV 54. The man has been taken down by Capitol security police who put him in handcuffs and dragged him away from the bags. Praise God!