Thursday, September 06, 2007


An Unholy Mess, Indeed!!

These are all Johnny come latelies to the puddle of life. Where have they been? Judging others then that they say now do not judge!

I WANT TO SEE SOMEBODY TELL ME /BEFOREHAND/ WHAT IS THE SOLUTION AND NOT / COME AFTER THE PROBLEM/ HAS MANIFESTED ITSELF / TO *THEM*/. As for the domestic violence Bynum suffered at the hands of her husband, Weeks, I do not put the blame on her. At the same time, I do not excuse him.

As for the aftermath with them trying to pass it off as another turn of *ministries*, they have NO credibility whatsoever, because of all the damage to so many others in abusive relationships that could have been averted, had they heeded those of us who proclaimed the visionary plan from God IN THE MOMENT *BEFOREHAND.* Instead of sitting still before God and hearing His voice, they want to be off and running again to try to market their new *beat-down revelation (to them).* I read one recent news report about Bynum that proclaimed, "Domestic violence has a face." Need I say more?

I am still going to stand by and watch as all of them fall over themselves to outdo one another and, even try to outdo God, Himself. But the people all say, "AMEN!" to these latecomers and they say to the visionaries, "NOT SO!" But God is still on the Throne and they had all better stop playing with God, the things of God, and the people of God.