Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rev. Pat Robertson's TV Comments

Good Morning to all who love the Lord and the called according to His purpose,

Here we go again. The media does not have Michael Jackson to kick around now. Scott Peterson has been tried and taken to death row. Sex offenders are captured *after* their dastardly deeds against children. Florida murdered a sick woman upon her husband's insistance, as we watched. Women and men advocate condoms and, at the same time, free sex and abortions. Florida's child is lost somewhere in the sands offshore. Nobody knows where. Protesters defame the President and our nation with impunity.

This latest beseige by the news media is against Rev. Pat Robertson. This ought to be another warning about the changing tide in our christian fellowship in the U.S. and in the world. Various people have various opinions and, needless to say, not all are supportive of what he had to say publicly. I happened to be watching that day he said it and I remember my eyebrows went up for a second. But only a second. Somehow, I thought that particular show airing took place about a month ago.

I do not know which side of the controversy you may come down on, but think about this -- Among some of those who are hollering the loudest and who are the most condemning of the Reverend, are the same ones who fought to have the Ten Commandments taken out of our courthouses, prayer taken out of our schools, the Holy Bible out of schools and courtrooms and public discourse. Yet, we find them trying to quote from Scripture about those comments that he felt "(W)e have the means to do so and we ought to take him out" (i.e., meaning Pres. Chavis).

The media are publicly pitting christians against one another. The reporters even laugh outloud on tv while quoting (not so funny) comments made by people who want to see Robertson taken off the air. Stop and ask yourself, where is the media outrage against people who publicly call the President of the U.S. a liar and who call for his demise?
Excuse me? Especially during wartime, those people would have been labelled traitors.

Now, let me ask you this question:
Where in the Bible is, "Thou shalt not kill?"
Where in the Bible is, "There is a time and a season for everything under the sun?"
Where in the Bible does it say that "God hates. . . . ?"
Where in the Bible does it say "Judge not lest you be judged?"
Where in the Bible does it say, "Test the spirit whether it is of God?" and
"You shall know the tree by the fruit it bears?"

Most preachers and believers know our messages are about text, context, pretext, content ---- and above all ---- THE HOLY GHOST! It is not either/or. It is both/and.

In other words, DISCERN all things. Hold fast to what is true and of God. Spiritual leadership placed by God are there for a purpose. KNOW YOUR PLACE IN GOD and shut the mouths of all who would come against those
things of God they do not understand. Save a soul from hell (i.e., if God has spoken it.)

We are moving deeper and deeper into Spiritual Warfare, where the natural mind cannot know or discern the things of God by the voice of God. Do not be deceived, believers. Rev. Robinson's voice is just as valid (if not moreso) than those that disparage God's word, will, and way. Thank God for his speaking out and not being stiffled. Do not allow anybody to stiffle your voice and choke off what they might not want to hear. If they think this is too tough ----------- hang on, because the toughness of the meat of God's word He is sending forth will really cut deep to the saving of souls from hell. Let them laugh. Let them scoff. Let them ostracize. Let them lambast. Let them be who *they* are. But do not let them send your soul to hell with them.

Now maybe christians will better understand the importance of knowing who they are and whose they are in Christ Jesus. And there comes a time of recognition of who God is and what He is saying today and everyday. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not for the faint of heart. The people of God are humble but not wimps.

Stop. Look. Listen. Discern. Ask God about what you do not understand.
But understand --- God's plan is at work in the land. And God knows what He is doing.

Comments, anyone?

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