Sunday, August 15, 2004

Now I Begin Afresh!

My first post is to give God glory, praise, and all honor due His holy and everlasting name. Why? Because without Him, I have no confidence or self. My confidence is in Him. By Him, through Him, and with Him, I can begin afresh to reach out to talk to you confidently even about what may be perceived as a negative. In Christ Jesus, I can do all things. He gives me strength and peace. He guides my steps. He keeps my mind. He guards my spirit. He fixes my heart. He opens my mouth, eyes, ears. He holds my nose against the stench of sin (even my own). He lifts me up when I am down. He comforts my soul. He speaks to my heart. I stop to listen out for His voice and when He speaks, I hear and obey.

He is my personal Savior and the Lord of my life. Whatever I may be led to talk about in this open forum will always start from the foundation that I know God and God knows me. My faith and trust are in Him. He does not disappoint - ever.

Let me introduce you to Him. Stay tuned.