Sunday, August 15, 2004

Conversations With My God


I can understand how people can feel angry, confused, skeptical, anxious, downright arrogant, abrasive and abusive when they hear somebody say that they speak with you. And, heaven forbid, please do not let them hear that You speak back! It is a strange thing to the uninitiated. Not in terms of doctrine or denomination but merely from the standpoint of knowing You in a personal way. If they do not truly believe You are real and are who You say You are, then how can they look for You let alone carry on a conversation with You? In fact, if they did want to know, then they would only have to be still and to invite You to show Yourself to them. So many, if they did that, would have all of their doubts and fears erased about that ever happening, just as others have.

Does it matter how loudly we preach as we must when You have called us to do so?
Does it matter how fiercely we fight to make Your presence known to unbelievers?
Does it matter how much *we* might want to run away and let them go their way?
Does it matter whatsoever whether they hear or won't hear what is on Your heart?
Does it matter, really, that it is not our voices they hear but Yours?

If they could only understand. You are real. You are God. You are love. Your love encompasses all who love Your appearing and who will come into Your presence to be saved by Your mighty hand.

If they could only understand that they fear leaving behind beloved family, intimate friends, treasured possessions and, even themselves, should they reach out to call on You to reach back. But I have learned that to give it all over to You (beginning with my ownself)is to gain so much more than I ever believed possible.

If they would only stop to listen and hear, then they would know You seek their highest good. They wander aimlessly looking for something but do not know what. They do not even know their heart is searching for You. Your love draws them as only that magnificent love can do. They do not have to feel lonely, sad, depressed, confused, angry, forsaken, unloved and unlovable not one moment more than saying, "Yes, Lord, I surrender my all to You." How could they except a preacher's heart speak Your heart such that they would know it is You and not the vessel who You are speaking through?

Can they feel Your heart calling to them right now? Do they refuse and reject it, because of the vessel instead of the message? Then let me not stand in the way one moment more. Lord, I know Your heart and I gladly stand aside to let another move up to do the same. They need to know Your joy, Your truth, Your heart, Your word, Your peace. They need to know that faith in You is not fatal, but that it is fruitful and fulfilling. Oh, Lord, my God! If only my heart could speak out to capture all that You are. But what man, woman, boy, or girl could ever contain all that You are? Not one. No, not even my ownself.

My faith and trust are completely lost in You, Lord. For I have found peace in Your presence for many years. I know how much You desire to save souls. And You want those souls to know that every one of us is in need of a Savior. His name is Jesus Christ, Your only begotten Son. By faith in that fact are we redeemed by His precious blood. It is as simple as that. That is why I can smile in the midst of tears and pain. That is why I can remain standing in the midst of turmoil and tribulation. That is how I can forgive any who seek to do harm to my soul. His love is contained in my spirit. But people have to grow to that knowing place. It does not take long. Believe and you shall see for our God awaits. Fear not.