Saturday, September 11, 2010

America Mourns - Prophetic 911 Tribute

Reprinted September 11, 2010

Written By Rev. Lainie Dowell

I wrote this reprinted prophetic message as it was revealed to me on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. And I remain restless and still. Even so, Americans Bless Our God.

Thus saith the Lord.
As revealed by the Hand of the Lord to be a blessing to waiting hearts.

The fabric of America is strong. Faith is her best suit. Family values is her cloak. Chastity is her undergarment. Righteousness is her finest dress. Earth contains her bedrock, but she rests in the bosom of Abraham. Peace is her shadow that follows and covers her back. Strength is embedded in her feet. Her hands are coated with filth. But the blood of Jesus cascades all over her. She is covered in Jesus' blood from head to toe. Her knees propel her forward and down. Her head tips and bows weighted with humility and repentance. Her heart lies open. Her chest exposes her ample breast. Nourishment continues to flow. Solidarity and unity come forth. Her sleeping eyes have fully awakened. her mind touches the One far greater than she.

Spiritual Awakening ~ Firery Revival Breakout ~ Chains Fall Away

Spiritual giants give way to yield and move out of the way of the giant maker. Her children need not fear. Her lamp is lit. And her oil barrels are filled from Zion above. Her light shall never fade or fail. Her lamp shines best at nighttime. Her brightest day is dark of night. She is seated in the presence of God. Dining on rich fare from the Master's Table culled with the sweetness of God's love. She rests. She waits. She smiles. She sighs. Yes, all is right with the world. Her people renew their commitment. Draw near and let me tell it to you. In every woe. In every joy. In everything, the Lord IS. He is God above all gods who causes our hands to war and our hearts to make peace. And so it is.....

Step lightly. Surefooted. And securely. Anchored to solid Rock. Step boldly.

Her soul gives way to Spirit. Her Spiritual Awakening lifts her to heights greater than any she has known or ever known to mankind. Solomon and The Queen of Sheeba are her mentors. And if she pays rapt attention, her garments will/shall be securely wrapped about her girth, this home called earth. Her ears shall hear God's voice and obey. Her throat shall drink God's living water and be satisfied. Her loins shall give birth to a brand new people whose commitment to their Father is without equal. For there is none like our God.

America, this "(sweet) land of liberty".
Rise from the ashes.
Dry your tears.
Shake yourself.
Awaken to the new dawn.
The Day of the Lord is at hand.
This is your finest hour.

And, lest you too soon forget, God is yet on the Throne. And He is God alone.

America, this "land of the free and home of the brave."
Long may you live -- In the Lord's perfect harmony.
Hear ye Him. Amen.

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