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Reprinted from
Silent Thunder's Heart on Fire!
Archives, September 18, 2004.

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

I was refurbishing my other websites when I discovered this walk down memory lane. It is relevant today, because - as some wise person said, "The more things change, the more things stay the same." And bless my soul if this message isn't back around in 2010. Read it as I first wrote it and see if you don't agree. Perhaps you may have already come up with a solution about how to impress upon the mainstream media (MSM) the importance of being an objective reporter and not to inject themselves into the stories trying to, themselves, become celebrities. This also proves that some people refuse to grow up and behave accordingly.

This article, below, begins and ends now as it did when I wrote it in the Fall 2004 (See the September 2004 Archives).

What are the journalism schools teaching today? Why is it that profession has become bastardized and prostituted for the sake of "exposure?" Today's news reporting has become about entertainment. I will gladly settle for a return to the good old days when reporters were content to read "copy." But now we, the public, are inundated with talking heads, including the paid "analysts," aka reporters, who continue to argue their own personal views with their guests in the guise of conducting an on air "interview."

The worst possible body blow to American democracy began the moment somebody decided that large corporations could swallow up little news "shops." Suddenly, in order to read a story about a common, ordinary person, they had to first do extraordinary things. For example, Columbine and that whole season of school violence; Monica Lewinsky; Linda Tripp; Scott Peterson, and so on while otherwise good deeds go unreported. But I digress.

Why doesn't somebody tell the news pundits that we are in a time of great historical importance? I will! Listen. This nation is at war. Our men and women are fighting in a life and death struggle far from home and do not need to have our enemies hear on the same airwaves as theirs that "We are in a quagmire," or that "We are losing the war with no chance of winning," or that our President "is incompetent." Here let me say, "Shame on our Congressional leaders who spew this rhetoric that borders on the very edge of traitor." America, we need to restore that word and meaning back in our vocabulary along with others that are pointing to "Duty, Honor, Country."

How do we get the message through to the media that they need to view this election and the Office of President as being serious. The media have no respect for the office or the one who occupies it. President Bush is the leader of the free world. He is not in competition. This election process is not a beauty pageant. He is not a CEO of a corporation. Yet, he is too often referred to in ugly terms by "interviewers" and their guests. And his cabinet members are treated as "just one of the boys or girls." Not only that but our leaders permit it. It is time to let the news people know they are to "report" the news not to "make" the news or make up their idea of news to force feed the public and then act as if they, themselves, are elected. Think about it.

Pay closer attention to news and see how the media does more than play devil's advocate. They interject their own suppositions and views into the story. They have forgotten what it means to be objective. They have become so arrogant as an industry that they have removed funds for investigating sources preferring to rely on the "first in - first out mentality," most often in the guise of "Late Breaking News!"

News Media-- Why won't you take a look at yourselves! You are shameless and I am shamed by you and ashamed of you. You are setting the wrong example for young and old who tune in. Instead of being an example of civility, honesty, and professionalism, you are presenting as a serious threat to the civility and moral Godly society our brave men and women are earnestly fighting abroad to maintain not only for us at home but also for the whole world. Salute our military! That starts with our Commander in Chief President Bush. To do any less taints your tribute.

You need to respect our nation's leaders. Likewise, to our elected and appointed leaders - including those in local, state, and federal offices - stop acting as if you do not know right from wrong. Why won't you take a stand for what is right and show all those who do not believe there is a difference between right and wrong how to respond or not respond when confronted by it? Stop doing all you know how to adversely effect the outcome of this privilege to vote for the party of our choice.

Down with all of those polls and informal responses that are taken as legal! When President Bush took office, he told the American public that he does not operate according to polls. Did you forget that he also promised there would be no "leaking" from his administration (the way it did in the Clinton administration)? And, speaking of the time President Bush took office --

Did you forget that former Vice President Al Gore is the first one who took the election results to court?

Did you forget that was what led to appeals and, ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court?

Did you forget that none of the many ballot counts and recounts in Florida came out in favor of Mr. Gore?

Did you forget how some of the outgoing Clinton staff deliberately left the offices in shambles and removed the "W's" off of all of the typewriters? Look it up.

When was the first time such atrocious conduct was reported? I believe that was it. And the Democrats have continued their dirty tricks, with impunity. Until now. Watch and see. It will all be revealed. Then maybe the news media will get back to being about the professional news business of ethics, credibility, and present facts that are actually true.

As for me, I thank God every second for allowing me to be born during the time I was. I have a frame of reference. I grew up knowing loving grown ups in my life who more than taught me about "God, Mother, and Apple Pie." They demonstrated love of God, self, others, and, certainly, for America and all her blessings.

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