Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama's Not All He's Cracked Up To Be!

Can you say, "Jim Jones?" Obama frightens me. He's too slick! Sound familiar?
What is it about the Christian community that they would accept from an all-talk,
no-action newcomer who has no tangible record of worth everything that is
anathema to our faith in the Lord Jesus? How is it they reject the Preacher,
Mike Huckabee, and don't want him to express his faith in the Lord, while
they run over themselves to heap glory and praise upon Obama? It was really
frightening when I heard one tv news pundit announce, "Obama has more money
than God." Imagine!

Democrats believe their choice is about race and gender/race (i.e., a black man
or a white woman). And they choose to take form over substance. Obama has yet to account for his missing "record." He scoffs at the idea that he needs, as he laughingly says, "seasoning." The truth is, he does! This is not a game or beauty pageant. It is
about this nation and our God, which makes people clamor to get here and to stay.

It's great that we have come this far through the blood and trials of so many
on the frontlines of "CHANGE," but we do not have to take anybody for the
highest position in America based on sentimentality and racial pride. If we had
racial pride and gender identification, it should spur us on to seek the very best
and accept nothing less. And that goes for the GOP candidates, also. McCain
has told us that "there is no perfect candidate." But we'd better be very sure
that candidate is striving by God's hand to become as close to perfection as is
possible in the eyes of God (and man, too). We were proved right about Romney
and we will be proved right about the remaining candidates, too. My prayer is
that Americans will wake up before it is too late and that all Christians will
come together in the true knowledge of our Lord to prayerfully consider how
our nation will be able to recover the true meanings of Godly values, morality,
mores, principles, and common courtesy and respect. And, return to worship
God alone.

The writer of that article (below) makes a correct assessment. Pay particular
attention to that very last paragraph in Jim Brown's article entitled, "Obama a media darling says, conservative analyst." (source: OneNewsNow, 215/2008)