Friday, March 03, 2006

Delusion Rears Its Ugly Head Higher

The signs of the times are edging us closer each day to the Lord's return and His holiness.

Right now, Hell is having a field day, mostly because too many believers are deceived into believing that we have to be quiet and take it. In this regard, those Christians, in particular, who are "tolerant" of "diversity," and cringe at even the thought of being (mis)labelled as "homophobic," "discriminatory," and the really big one, "racist," by the ungodly influence of the minority, are "double-minded." Unfortunately, that is the group the ungodly point to as the example that Christians really do "tolerate diversity." Now, how deluded can people be to think they can announce and follow through with a coup. Don't they know that sedition is against the law? The devil's children are advancing toward Hell and are loving the trip.

Please become more aware of the increasing attempts to make inroads into the minds of our youth and young adults so that when we are no longer on earth ("If the Lord tarries"), they will capitulate and compromise with evil in the name of "tolerance." May the Lord have mercy on us and go before us to strike at the very heart of the devil's hearth. As the Holy Spirit revealed to me some years ago, "Hell has written their name on the furnace door," (and they do not know it). But now they do. Pass it on.