Wednesday, November 02, 2005

JUDGE ALITO - Supreme Court Nominee

How do I know this Presidential nominee deserves a chance to be heard for this prominent seat? Because the Democrats really do not want him and the news media are continuing to try to effect administration policy by acting as if the people elected them to do so.

Free Press? Yes. As in free U.S. from the press.


I am also being led this morning to share herein these blessings for this brand new day
from Katherine - "HairDarkAsNight."
You may not need this but send it on to somebody you think may. They'd appreciate it.

Rev. L. Dowell, Five-Fold Minister
aka Silent Thunder
aka clergywomen
aka clergywoman
aka Wearer of the Iron Robe
aka Throneseeker
aka She Who Walks With the Wind
aka Silent Thunder's Heart
aka A Shepherd Woman's Heart

At your service in the name of Jesus!