Thursday, October 06, 2005

Harriet Miers A Supreme Choice?

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Count me among the angry, disillusioned ones. Miers is President Bush's pick. She is qualified by virtue of the blasted political spin machine. I believe our President blinked one more time and capitulated to the Democrats who are actually giddy over that selection. They don't know whether to laugh or cry from relief at her nomination to sit on the highest court in our nation.

Moreover, Dems are making press statements that this nomination proves the President is in agreement with THEM and not with their hated "radical right wing base." We are not as radical as we could be, but Bush has let us down, because he did not live up to his promise to seat a strong, staunch, fully qualified conservative in Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's place.

I want to know what it is about the Democrats that, even when they lose elections by a wide margin, they can make the public (across the boards) believe they are in charge as the minority party and the Republicans let them do it. They did the same thing during the Clinton Administration and, each time, Republicans gave in to their demands. And, the Dems publicly lambasted them (Republicans). And, when things went wrong with their accepted plan(s), the Dems blamed the Republicans -- and they let them do that, too.

Women and "diversity," be it race or ethnicity or culture or damnable "sexual orientation," is killing America. If it is for the sake of being politically correct, then is there any wonder many conservatives are sick over this pick? When we consider there are so many more qualified women and men than nominee Miers, it makes me wonder about Bush's thought processes where on the one hand, he says this choice is not about politics and on the other hand, he makes her political appointment to the highest court in our land.

Notice how much of her career promotion came by way of the same employer --- Bush. I am a long-time Republican and I will remain one. But these days it is very hard to tell who is what. Especially when Sen. Harry Reid (Democrat) reportedly recommended to Bush that her name should be placed in nomination. That ought to say a whole lot. We shall see with the upcoming Campaigns of 2006 and 2008.