Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Republican Backbone Is Still In Town


Praise to God! The Republican Backbone is Still In Town. Senator Frist just announced on the floor of the Senate that "the Constitutional Option" is still on the table. He said he did not sign off on "The Memorandum of Understanding," which was signed by 14 Senators last night (reps from both sides). Sen. Frist said he did not agree that the terms went far enough. It was a joy to see this morning and to hear.

Sen. Reid has tried to change the terms already. Reid made a move on the floor to try to change the schedule, but Sen. Frist held his ground (as well he should have). He has let it be known, forthrightly, that he will not allow judicial obstruction. "I hope that progress continues," he said.

Reid said he supported "The Memo," and Reid claimed the "threat of Nuclear Option" was gone from the table (babble, babble, babble). Reid said he supported the "agreement" and was thankful the 14 Senators kept *him* apprised of what they were doing every step of the way. But, Reid is still trying to change the schedule of voting on the judges in the Senate. Now they are going after the nomination of Bolton for U.N. They are already making plans to block the Bolton vote.

Drives me up a wall to see how manipulative the Dems continue to be.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) also said that "The Constitutional Option," has not been taken off the table.

Bless God From Zion!
Our God is on the move! Praise His Holy and Everlasting Name.
Thank You, O God, for we know You alone are above all things. You are really Real.
And we are so grateful that You heard and answered our prayer right quick to set the heart of the Republicans to do what is just and righteous in Your sight. Their voices are truly strong, indeed. In Jesus's name. Amen.

The Senate Hearing on the Nomination of Justice Priscilla Owens is now on tv.
I am watching it on Cable TV - C-SPAN 2 - U.S. Senate. It is also being simulcast by radio.